:: Audio and Acoustics Theory Course
Destined to those who intend to get into the vast field of Professional Audio. More>>

:: Pro Tools
Destined to people who have basic audio knowledge and intend to work with Digital Audio Workstations. More>>

:: Digital Audio Mixers Operation
Destined to professionals interested in improving their knowledge and wish to master the operation of digital mixers.

:: Mixing Effects
100% Practical course that deals with creating environments and specific effects. More>>

:: Live Sound Reinforcement
Divided in two Modules: Practical and Theoretical.

:: Hands-on Recording Course
100% practical course taken entirely inside the studio, it is a specialization option. More>>

:: Basic MIDI
This course works with the many possibilities and operation of MIDI equipment.

:: Musical Basis for Engineers and starting Musicians
Destined to people interested in the record production and live show markets and need to learn some musical theory. More>>


Após concluir o "Fundamentos de Áudio & Acústica" todo aluno tem direito 20% de desconto em qualquer curso de especialização.

O IAV se reserva o direito de alterar qualquer informação sem prévio aviso, tanto no conteúdo como no corpo do site.

Upcoming courses

Music Production (all styles)

Production and Creation of Electronic Music

Specialization in Acoustics